Heritage Recipes

Monica and Rachi met in New York City in 2010.  At the time, we both had happa (half-Asian) babies and bonded over our love of Chinese food.  We also found we were both having a hard time finding natural, ready-made Chinese food anywhere!  

Hence, Happa Kitchen (another baby!) was born.  Together, we are working on a premium line of delicious and refrigerated ready-to-cook products for grocery stores.  Starting a business with young families (our babies now play little league) isn’t easy but we are passionate about sharing the Asian food we love with, well, everyone!  It makes us so happy that our products will bring people together around the kitchen table.  




And oh, how we love food!  Despite a lifetime in the food business, Monica’s best inspirations still come from the local diner and a home-cooked Chinese meal across the Hudson River in New Jersey.  Rachi, who hails from sunny California and initially moved to NYC for a finance job, and her boys are on a quest to try all the dim sum in Chinatown and has never turned down a request to bake a wedding cake for friends and family.  

For us, eating Chinese food at home has become more than just about food - It’s about celebrating our culture and sharing with our friends and families.  Pull up a chair and join the conversation!